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Tips On Preparing For Your Cats Stay With Us


• Check vaccination records to make sure your cat has been vaccinated within 12 months
• Should your cat be due for a booster shot make sure this is done at least 7 days prior to booking in
• If you have misplaced your cats vaccination record contact your vet for a replacement
• Make sure you bring your cats vaccination records to the cattery

Transporting Your Cat:
• Have a suitable transport carrier for your cat. Cardboard and other such make shift ones are not secure enough and is also extremely dangerous should your cat get loose in the vehicle.
• If your cat doesn’t like traveling in a pet carrier, try covering it with a blanket (allow for ventilation) or try having it on the passenger seat next to you.
• Place newspaper in the carrier in case your cat has an accident whilst traveling.

• Where possible keep your cat in doors prior to his/her stay with us, this also prevents the ‘missing’ cat.
• If your cat is prone to vomiting or soiling, do not feed for several hours prior to travel

Health & Medication:
• You will need to inform us of any health problems your cat may have had or is prone to. If medication is to be administered please let us know at time of booking.
• Write down the dose, frequency and name of medication. If on long term tablets please ensure you bring along extra ones to the exact number required.

• We cater diets to suit most felines, however should you wish to bring along your own food you are more than welcome to do so.

Bits & Pieces:
• It is a nice idea to take something familiar along especially if it is your cats first stay in a cattery, this can include cat bed, blankets or clothing, as well as any of your cats favourite toys.

Cats Temperament & Habits:
• It is important for us to know what your cat is like generally at home in itself, with you, other people and other cats or if been to a Cattery before, how it got on. All this information will help us to understand the needs of every cat in our care and treat them accordingly.


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