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My husband Sandor and I purchased the Roellen Boarding Cattery several years ago. We have six pet cats who live and play in our home, providing much amusement and love. We believe in keeping our cats safe indoors and in a confined cat run outdoors. This also protects the birds we encourage into our garden as well as all the friendly lizards and insects.

Many of our guests at the cattery have been Burmese as Irene and Bob Weber, who previously owned the cattery, bred these wonderful cats and many return to stay when their families go on holiday. We fell in love with the breed and have chosen to to breed these ‘scallywags' of the cat world. Burmese cats are instantly a part of your family and indeed will be a part of all aspects of family activities. Because of their bouncy personality Sandor devised our breeding prefix ROCANROLE, so we breed little Burmese Rocanrollers!

Our breeding cats are housed in spacious well equipped pens that allow them to exercise and enjoy the gardens or just sleep the day away. We strive to keep our cattery healthy and all our cats are vaccinated with F5 vaccine to prevent Rhinotracheitis (FR), Calicivirus (FC), Chlamydia(FChl), Enteritis (FP) and Leukemia (FelV). All pens are thoroughly cleaned daily and our girls and boys are fed a premium diet to ensure they are always in tip top condition.

We breed our cats for the love of the breed and to strive to achieve the highest quality kittens that meet the Standard (link to standard). We have a special love for Reds Creams and Naughty Torties, so we breed the full range of 10 colours that are available in the Burmese rainbow. Our babies are raised at home and the Mums just love coming into the house where they have a fully equipped bedroom to raise their kittens. We spend time with the kittens and they are socialised to all household activities, including TV, radio, cleaning noises and of course lots of cuddles and play.

Our breeding queens are only mated once or twice a year to ensure they have a good quality of life and are in top condition when they have kittens. We ensure the Mums and Kittens have a balanced varied diet that includes lots of calcium and other vitamins. Our queens will be desexed and rehomed with a family or special companion when they are 3 to 5 years of age, ensuring that they do not have more than 5 litters of kittens. You will find these girls are super affectionate and make perfect pets. Check out our Adoption page for cats available to go to special homes.

Beautiful Burmese cats and kittens available to a good home. We are based in Canning Vale, Western Australia.

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